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All residents will enjoy these unique and peaceful gardens that are contained within the central courtyard of España. Designed to be viewed from above and enjoyed more intimately at garden level, the setting takes its inspiration from the historic water gardens of Spain and the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest.

Essentially a multi-use, park-like precinct, this private space provides a range of active areas as well as passive places for conversation and quiet contemplation can be found. Restive places are located adjacent to quiet moving water canals, under shade trees, and beneath a weather-protected garden shelter. Within the inner garden zone, a series of four landscaped, semi-enclosed outdoor rooms offer seating areas for contemplation and an overlook of active areas. Wisteria planted on freestanding concrete screen walls provide separation between passive and active spaces. Beds of aromatic and colourful planting define these protected zones. A paved gathering terrace forms the heart of the inner garden. Informal children's play can take place on this paved court, around the shallow flowing creek, or on the prominent climbing knoll with children's play equipment located nearby. The terrace also serves as a place for residents to meet and gather for social events. With the sights and sounds of flowing water throughout the site sourced from the iconic steel fountain, the España garden captures the ambience and delights of both distant and local landscapes.

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