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Located at the western stretch of Georgia Street, Vancouver’s grand ceremonial route, Laguna is a multi-family residential complex situated at a major entry point into Vancouver.

Facing Georgia Street to the north and Alberni Street to the south, the landscape design serves dual functions. Along Georgia, the landscape responds to the design guidelines outlined in the ‘The Greening of Georgia Street’, whereas along Alberni, a more urban face is presented to the street. The Greening of Georgia Street is a planning commitment from the City of Vancouver, which provides for wide sidewalks, double rows of street trees, and an ample green space that is visibly accessible to the public from Georgia Street. As such, the north face of Laguna makes reference to the pre-existing natural features of the site including the past and present shoreline, water courses and flood tides, strata, beach, and forest. The natural features are represented through channelized streams running from the higher site elevations, down through strata rock outcrops, flowing into the beach at the lower edge of the site. Winding through the landscape are sinuous bands of vegetation, punctuated by shorepines and native trees. Laguna's landscape features bold plantings, water ways and stone walls that reflect the history of the area while exposing the beauty of our native vegetation and as such, provides a befitting gateway element to Vancouver.

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