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Highgate village is located on the former site of Middlegate Mall. Preserved as a commercial destination, the new development incorporates residential and park space into the mix.

The commercial component to the south focuses on a new town square offering seating, a covered area and new shrub plantings under ornamental flowering trees. An urban trail to the north of the site separates the commercial from the residential component. The urban trail functions as a pedestrian prioritized street featuring a wide sidewalk with new paving, a row of concrete planters supporting overhead shade trees, and new street lights, bike racks and benches that effectively divide pedestrian activities from vehicles. The town square extends across the street via a raised crosswalk, prioritizing pedestrians and connecting people to the residential development. The large open space at the centre of the residential towers is characterized by expansive sections of lawn, arcing pathways, benches, a public art water feature and bold bands of colourful and seasonal planting. Highgate Village is an emerging high density mixed use neighbourhood that features provides a community space at the heart of the site for residents to come together and enjoy.

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