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DK has been involved in the design and construction of Artificial Turf Fields for well over 20 years.

Each manufacturer of Artificial Turf Systems (ATF) provide a selection of turf products. The difference is not only in the quality of the product, but also in the particular characteristics and the performance of the turf during a game. Likewise, there is a variety of installation procedures developed for different site conditions. Each of these variables has to be carefully considered to ensure that the installed artificial turf system provides cost effective solutions to meet the needs of a particular site, set of sport specific requirements and budget limitations. Based on the type of sport considered as the primary use of the field, site conditions and budget, DK can provide a feasibility analysis with alternative solutions and recommendations for the selection of the most appropriate artificial turf system that will best fit the project requirements. We know the products currently on the market and are keep up to date with new technology due to the longstanding relationships we have cultivated with industry players. By collaborating to client and user groups, working with locally available materials, and fitting the field to the site, we are able to deliver cost effective fields which provide great places to play.

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