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Park Royal Mall in North Vancouver was undergoing a transformation to re-define itself as a 'lifestyle' mall, a destination designed for pedestrian traffic instead of vehicles.

As landscape consultants, DK presented a masterplan that saw the parking areas pushed to the perimeter of the site with retail stores concentrated in the centre, oriented around a central axis running through the site. Primary entrances open up onto Main Street, a pedestrian prioritized linear park running down the centre of the site. With pedestrian experience being a key priority for the design of the site, the materials, vegetation, site furniture and open spaces were selected and designed to be experienced on a much more personal level. The mall is designed to make visitors feel protected from vehicle traffic and safe to explore and meander through the village. Shoppers can wander along a winding Main Street bustling with activity, and are encouraged to stop and absorb the energy that is present. Large overhead street trees filter the sun and provide greenery and movement to the street. A central plaza, located at the heart of the village, is designed to provide respite for shoppers featuring open space, seating areas, lush planting and a sculptural water feature.

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