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Grandview Highway North Greenway is a 1.6km linear park along the SkyTrain route between Commercial Drive and Slocan Street.

Completed simultaneously with the Millennium Line the Grandview Highway North Greenway is a significant section of walkway/bikeway promoting alternate means of commuting and a strong connection to rapid transit. Separating bike and pedestrian traffic created a more pleasant experience for both users. As part of the Central Valley Bikeway, portions of the greenway have been made designated bike paths while the remaining portions allow for both cyclists and vehicle traffic. Pedestrian traffic is accommodated on an undulating concrete pathway. Key nodes along this linear park feature: seating, rest areas, public art, a bocce court, a butterfly garden and significant areas of native planting. Rather than allocating conventional benches, investments were made in public art seating to provide a variety of whimsical and functional art pieces. This project incorporated and addressed the needs and concerns of the neighbourhood that were uncovered in numerous public workshops and thorough community engagement process. The neighbourhood was concerned over the loss of large pioneer species trees due to the SkyTrain construction. In response, a variety of sizes and species of mature conifers were planted to provide natural habitat, enhance the natural character, and address community concerns. Today these trees are over 35’ high and infilled with pioneer species. The renewed green space is an amenity for the neighbourhood that provides safe and convenient multimodal movement. 

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