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Located on a sloping site along the ring road of the Simon Fraser University Campus, TASC2 was the second of four buildings planned for the TASC precinct of the Campus.

From the precinct study, a master plan was developed for the TASC Precinct and served as the framework for the concept design of the TASC2 site. During excavation we unearthed a significant quantity of large boulders. Instead of trucking them off site, we worked the boulders into the precinct design and placed them throughout the site as if remnants of an old avalanche scar. One such scar formed a storm water collection channel during peak storm flows and directs water into a box culvert at the toe of the slope, before slowly being released. The campus master plan is rigidly ordered at its centre and becomes progressively reclaimed by the forest as it reaches its periphery. Being located on the ring road, this site was designed to bring natural elements such as the stream and natural planting and merge them with ordered elements such as the organization of the 14 retained trees into a formal bosque and outdoor rooms created by paved patios at key nodes.

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