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The overall landscape design objectives for the Fort St. John Hospital facility centre around a number of underlying themes that touch on shaping spaces and experiences, strengthening connections to the adjacent community, and improving the experience of patients and staff through exterior spaces.

By separating the site into three distinct areas, ‘the lobby’, ‘the waiting room’ and ‘the recovery room’ different degrees of landscape intervention were used to obtain each desired space. The intent of the lobby is to welcome and receive visitors to the site. Acting as a visual marker and standing out against the flat prairie landscape the vegetation increases as visitors move towards the entrance helping to create an image for the hospital. Closer to the building, the waiting room refers to the areas immediately adjacent to the building and receives the most intensive landscape treatment. Landscape interventions are focused on creating a diversity of exterior gathering spaces designed to accommodate a variety of programs. Lastly, the recovery room is the peripheral area around the hospital that transitions into the adjacent land uses. As one moves south, away from the building, the landscape will return to its existing grassland character incorporating pedestrian and bicycle paths for both patient, staff and community members to use.

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