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The master planning process involving, three landscape architects from two firms, were given guidance at the inception of the project by Project Advisory Committee to “be bold”. The ensuing Master Plan combines re-thinking the way the Botanical Garden presented itself to the public with the new functions of the Centre for Horticulture in a pleasant and environmentally sensitive setting.

The UBC Botanical Garden & Centre for Horticulture (BCGH) Master Plan has generated a high level of excitement among those involved in the planning process as well as the those elsewhere on campus who have had the opportunity to read the document. The dramatic setting of a forest at the edge of the Pacific Ocean makes it unique in the world of botanical gardens. The UBC BGCH Master Plan has capitalized on the magnificent setting and intends to be an outstanding showcase of scientific research and academic programming on a site that captures the public imagination. Winner of a Canadian Society of Landscape Architects 2001 National and Regional Honour Award.

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