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DK has participated in various planning projects in the growing areas of China, providing expertise in sustainable growth that responds to the natural landscape.

Working with Paul Merrick Architects we generated a masterplan for a new community outside the Old City in Jinan, China. The region receives a considerable amount of rainfall in August causing flooding and soil erosion. The design team focused their design solution around the centuries old stormwater collection system still functioning in the nearby mountainous area. Site analysis information identified natural drainage patterns. Low points for possible stormwater retention were established. High point areas were set aside for building development. The circulation system (including a hierarchy of vehicular, and bicycle/ pedestrian routes) was woven around the stormwater system and acted as an amenity while connecting residential districts to commercial districts. Building density was determined by the natural topography. Low-density residential development was placed further up the slope to lessen the impact. Higher density development, both residential and commercial, was placed on high points lower down the slope. Finally development standards in the form of building heights and setbacks were established for each of the districts. Design guidelines for district character were the final overlay to the masterplan.

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