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The large granite boulders and the sound of water cascading over the series of stone weirs evoke images of our vast BC mountain landscapes and the potential energy of water stored within them.

The premise for the BC Hydro plaza is to symbolize the power of water and the process by which power is generated. As a major focal point at the corporate entry is a large piece of public art that uses water as the energy source to make it move. East of the entry is the public plaza organized around the movement or water, which flows from the corporate entry at the high point of the site and empties into a large pool at the centre of the plaza. The waterfall operates similar to a dam, with a source pool at its high point, sending water cascading over a series of stone weirs, and emptying into a stream at the bottom. Unique to this project was the density transfer agreement that resulted in BC Hydro, the owners of the land, donating a portion of their land to dedicated park space and agreeing to pay for and maintain the urban park. As such, the space at the front of the office is totally integrated into the public realm and provides an accessible and welcoming space for the public to enjoy. The success of the space can be attributed to its public presence and the diversity of activities it allows for. Whether it be a single person wanting to read on one of its well situated benches, or a group of coworkers sharing lunch on the lawn, the plaza design allows for each experience to be enjoyed.

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