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Yaletown Park, at 0.4 acre, is a small urban park at the terminus of historic Yaletown.  Defined by its surroundings Yaletown Park is a modern interpretation of two urban forms: the soft greenery of Downtown South and the hard industrial character of Yaletown.

Its paved square is defined by planting on all 4 sides. Double rows of trees on Mainland and Nelson Streets together with lush textured planting draws from nearby residential tower gardens. The central granite cobble area is planted with large flowering shade trees. Situated amongst these trees are heritage granite curb pieces set pointing towards orthagonal north. Metal screens with vines climbing up them along Nelson street pick up on the steel canopies of the old warehouses.  Yaletown Park is a vibrant urban space. A place to shop for veggies at the Saturday Yaletown Farmers Market or a place to meet friends and have a cup of coffee. The north loading dock and wide canopy offers an outdoor cafe and retail/office space. 

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