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Millennium Water is Canada’s first sustainable neighbourhood development and a legacy of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic. This community is a model which sets the bar for future developments within Vancouver and around the world.

Covering 8 city blocks, the Olympic Village neighbourhood is our most ambitious project to date. In keeping with the overall sustainability vision, Durante Kreuk Ltd. has created a series of inner courtyards which have children's play areas, urban agriculture & rain gardens as main elements and have 50% of roofs covered with planting. A key feature of sustainability is the harvesting of rainwater runoff from its various roof levels, which is diverted to a cisterns located underground. Rain gardens provide an amenity for residents and help recirculate/aerate the water. This collected water is used for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation. This approach reduces the demand of potable water from the Metro Vancouver reservoir. The native and drought tolerant plants, that make up much the landscape, require significantly less water than conventional planting thus making the landscape a major contributor to the overall environmental sustainability of this community.

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