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The homeowner's dream was to build a new house, horse stable with associated paddocks, riding ring, and caretakerís cottage all set within a full and lush garden.

The challenge to the design team was to fulfill the dream of the homeowners while meeting the requirements of the Southlands guidelines that determine site coverage, building locations, building footprint, building height, and view retention for neighbours. The collaborative process between the architect, landscape architect and client produced a design that paid careful consideration to the location of the main elements on site. The landscape design was guided by four key principles: (1) Significant existing elements were to be retained and integrated, such as the much-loved duck pond. (2) Screen views into the property from both the street and neighbouring properties. (3) Highlight views from inside the house out to the garden, stables and riding ring. (4) Design a full and lush garden to tie the site together and provide a serene setting. The dream of a lush garden was realized and is comprised of a series of smaller rooms designed for pleasure, play or contemplation.

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